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Surprise trip to ATL!

I swear sometimes I feel like I’m travel superstar…or maybe a traveling superhero!

My trip was from August 7th to the 12th and I couldn’t post about it or make it public in any way because I was going to surprise my sister!  We were in Brooklyn at 5:00 pm on Tuesday. Rush hour time and some how I made it to the airport and through security by 6 pm! Very gangsta, considering my flight was supposed to take off a little bit before 8:00 pm lol!

No but seriously, we had to get from Brooklyn to Queens to pick up my bag and then from my place in Queens to LGA, luckily my apartment isn’t super far from the Airport, but it was rush hour so there is no telling what could go down.

I’m one lucky girl and I have great people stunt driving to get me where I need to be!

Once I got to Atlanta it was non-stop fun!  Okay there was a bit of “no fun” but I’ll get into that another time.

Here is how the surprise went — Shivani is so cute!

Thanks to Zuber and Kiran for helping me plan it all out and recording it!  It didn’t go as planned but ducking around the cars in the parking lot of iHop so she wouldn’t see me and having other people near the windows pointing at me was pretty funny!

I’m going to sum of the trip in random grouping of words (people used to do this on Facebook all the time!)

Surprise Shivani! salad, working remote, swimming, first time at Red Lobster, Transformers, movie night/sleep over, hair salon fiasco, shopping, japanese food, OHOP!!, Cheesecake Factory, Yogli Mogli, friends, deserts, wine, 4 hour lasagna, movie marathon, reading, and memories to last a life time!

Here are some pictures, but definitely not all!


Block Island

So this past weekend we took a little weekend get-away trip to Block Island, Rhode Island.  It was AMAZING!

It’s a tiny island off of the coast of Rhode Island and there isn’t a lot to do there but there is plenty to do. (if that makes sense)

We stayed at The Atlantic Inn, a quaint bed and breakfast with small bathrooms and ridiculous floral patterns every where.  It was so cute, at the time it was a bit frustrating, but looking back it all seems so comfortable.

The first night on Block Island we ate at The Poor Peoples Pub.  The food was RIDICULOUS!  Some of it was so good that I’m actually craving some right now.  Some of it I could happily live without for the rest of my life.

We rented mopeds (highly recommended) and went to South Lighthouse, Mohegan Bluffs, Froozie’s (veggie/vegan), North Lighthouse, The National (for drinks), Mohegan Cafe/Bar (I think this is what it’s called) for Lunch, and then The Atlantic Inn for an amazing fancy meal.

Block Island Moped
Photo by:

South Lighthouse

South Lighthouse – Side View

Rocks at Mohegan Bluffs

Mohegan Bluffs

PK, Makela, & Farook @ Mohegan Bluffs

After we left Block Island, we drove to Newport to take a tour of the vineyards and we tasted about 20 different wines.  The search for food was ridiculous but we made do.  We walked on the beach even though it smelt like “rotten eggs/fart/death” and then we attempted to head home.  We drove through a neighborhood and saw amazing houses and then Farook spotted a cliff walk — we pulled over.  After a few minutes on the Cliff Walk we attempted to head home again and we took a few wrong turns and found ourselves surrounded by old houses.  Houses that were built in the 1700-1800’s!  Saw a cute antique shop so we pulled over again.  None of us bought anything but it was nice.  After that, we finally headed home.

Me and PK – Cliff Walk ❤

It was an amazing weekend.  Lots of memories, lots of fun, and great friends.

4 Days in India

The trip to India was short – a bit too short.  But I accomplished what I went for.  I was there to support my cousin as he begin an entire new chapter in his life.

My new sister-in-law seems awesome – granted she was shy and probably nervous those first few days, I’ve heard she’s getting along with everyone nicely.

I can’t believe I flew to India for only 4 days – who does that?  I didn’t even realize HOW short my trip was until I landed and realized all my days were full.

I flew United Emirates – on the way to India they were amazing – on the way back to the States, not so much.  Then again it could be because I was getting sick but still – not happy with the service.

I miss India, I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was standing outside of my grandfathers house (now it’s my dads and his brothers, but still).  Every time I see that house it just seems to look smaller and older.  A part of me wants to just go back and take care of it…perhaps put all those DIY blogs to use.

So the first night there was Garba and I danced the entire night – which I found absolutely amazing considering how tired and dehydrated I was but it was fun!  Also the perfect amount of cardio to look good for the wedding haha.

The wedding was fun – I’ve never been so intimately involved with the groom-side before and I think it gave me and my cousin the perfect opportunity to hang out.  Looking at the bride and saying “very nice” hahaha and clicking the perfect “Facebook” pictures.

Anyhow – it was fun…everything except having to go to the Mandir (temple) but that isn’t a story for the public so we’ll leave it at that.

The trip back was interesting and being in NY for a few days was another vacation within itself, despite being terribly sick.  But that too – is a story for another day.


I’ll be uploading photo’s soon.  🙂