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A day in the life of Krishna Patel.

We’ve moved!

I won’t be shutting down this blog anytime soon b/c I absolutely love the phrase “Life after Textbooks” — a lot happen within this url but as many things in life.  It is time to move on, move forward.

I’ve taken all the content with me, no worries and the new isn’t finished yet, but a work in progress (also like many things in life).   See you there!


The Heartbreak of Others

The heartbreak of others.

A couple of my friends are going through a transitional period in their lives.  For one of them it is a tough time, for the other it is freeing and liberating.  But I feel their loss, their hurt, their questions.

It’s odd, but I feel like a part of me wants to feel what they feel.  Not personally and definitely not in my real life, but vicariously through them.

I remember when I used to go through my heart breaks and my periods of “what ifs” and “why nots” when it came to love I found it to be one of the most beautiful periods of my life.  Songs played louder, words touched the soul, and my emotions were amplified by the promise and hope of the unknown.

The exact opposite of the feeling does the same – happiness, love, respect.  Complete security in certain regards.  But it’s different because I’m not used to the “happy” side of emotions.  I’ve spent so much time on the other side that sometimes my mind/heart yearns for the known, the familiar.

I visit that place sometimes, letting myself think of sad things and become sad, but it never lasts long.  Because it’s so much better on the other side, the happier side, and it is my mind/heart and I have complete control over what I chose to be and what I chose to think of.  Who I decide to spend my time on and who I chose to miss.

I wish everyone could realize the control they truly held.  But it’s easier to be the victim of what is happening than to be the one responsible for what is happening.

Small Country Life vs. City Life

I wrote this a few days before I went to SC to visit my family in June.

Small country vs the rest of the world

I’m not sure if it is my pending trip to SC or the recent calls with my sister and friends in the south. But I keep thinking about how life was when I lived with my parents. Walking around the neighborhood. Going shopping. Taking late night drives to clear my mind. Finding solitude in silence and comfort in knowing that there is always someone friendly close by.
The city isn’t like that. Atlanta was a bit similar but as I continued to move up the Eastern Coast the silence slowly diminished. The noise can be overwhelming at times. But that is what trips to the country are for. Trips home.
There is something wonderful about being from a small town.  Although my experience was nothing like the movies. 

Beating the Summer Heat

Hey people!  So this summer has been ridiculous at times.  I’ve had this post saved for months and I know I’m a bit late but it’s helpful nonetheless.

How to get the most out of your fan (even ceiling fan). CLEAN YOUR FAN!.  Trust me.  It takes about 30 minutes if your mindful of what you’re doing.  The standing fans have lil clasps you can just undo and simply take off the the pieces that need to be cleaned.  Some parts of the fan may need to be cleaned with a paper towel or rag (I highly recommend wetting whichever you decide to use in order to keep the dust from flying everywhere).

I usually clean my fan (and AC filter) in the middle of summer and then once again before I pack it away for the winter.  This way when the summer heat starts back up again next year.  I’m ready to go.  How you store your cooling devices is also very important!  Be sure to put it in a plastic bag or the box it originally came in to protect it from collecting dust over the winter months.

Cleaning your fan/ac will help them live longer, work better, and keep them from driving up your energy bill!

I can’t wait for fall to begin!

Clean House Update

I’ve been really busy since I posted about how messy my apartment was.

It was great because I had PK watch the video and my two favorite quotes are:  “Wow you’re place is a mess” and “You’re going to post an update soon, right?”

I found it endearing and sweet hahaha.

Anyhow, I’ve made lots of progress but there is still so much to do.  One thing I realized is that most people have a room to “hide” things that still need work or need their attention.  Living in a studio apartment, I don’t have that luxury.  So if items are pending, they are in full view until dealt with!  Realizing this was definitely a hard pill to swallow.

Here are some video updates of how things look after my initial run through:

You’ll notice some things seem cleaner, while others seem messier.  I’ve gotten rid of a few boxes by consolidating items.  I’ve also thrown out a lot of papers and just random stuff I seem to be collecting.  I’ve organized 3/4’s of one of my closets.  The other closet still needs a lot of work but I have items coming in from Amazon to help me get started.

I still have “piles” of stuff to deal with it.  But now they are a bit more organized.  Some require me to call and close up pending items, others require purchases to help me organize/store them better.

It’s definitely a work in progress.

To help me (and you) keep track of what’s going on.  I’ve made a list of all the things I would like to address based on “sections” of the apartment.


  • Wipe door
  • Fix peep hole
  • Hang up art on wall across from the closet
  • Clear out shoes/bags/boxes
  • Clean entrance floor matt

Entry Closet

  • Go through dresses/coats/skirts (donate items I don’t wear)
  • Purchase hanging shelf to save closet space
  • Remove boxes from the shelves above
  • Organize boxes and items in boxes (throw out unnecessary items)

Sleeping Area

  • Buy a lamp shade
  • Purchase a frame for the bed
  • Purchase new pillows

Dining Table/Computer Desk

  • Sell computer desk by September.
  • If the desk doesn’t sell, I will take apart the dining table and store against the wall in the kitchen.
  • I’ll remove the hutch from the desk and convert the desk into a dining table.
  • Paint top of the desk if it becomes a dining table.

Coffee Table/Chest

  • I want to clear off the top of this once and for all.
  • Decide if I want to paint it or not.

Side Wall (where the dresser current lives)

  • Once the Desk moves – the dresser will move to that spot
  • Clear off dresser top and organize all make up
  • Install shelf to hold items
  • Find new dresser to hold clothes
  • Purchase a coat rack to go where the dresser currently is
  • Hang up art work
  • Hang up Key Hanger


  • Find crates to hang above the toilet to store items


  • Get rid of bookshelf.
  • Find a new storage solution w/ Doors to store canned goods, recipe books, and clear counter tops.
  • Hang up art work.
  • Organize cabinets better.
  • Re-use empty wine bottles (lots of DIY potential)

There are a bunch of small item things I need to do, but I’m not sure where they will live once I’m done.  As with everything in life, it’s a work in progress.

100th Post

So I just hit 100 posts!

I started the blog in August 2009 – see my first post here.  It’s so crazy that I started this blog while I was living in Atlanta and I actually posted my 100th post while I’m in Atlanta!

This is no way means I’m done blogging, but it’s just exciting.  I can’t believe it took 3 years to reach 100 posts though hahaha, I did slack a good bit in 2010 and life was too good in 2011 to sit down and write about it as I was too busy living it.

But here we are, three years later, at my third job after college and pretty damn content with how my life has turned out.  Despite the few current bumps in the road, life is good.

Of course it always comes down to how you look at things.  100 posts, no followers, or frequent commenters haha.  One step at a time, one step at a time. We’ll get there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far and I can’t wait to show you what I have in mind for this place in the next couple of months!  Stay tuned and I’ll speak to ya soon!

– kp

The Dark Knight and a Boot of Beer

So last week PK and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises.  OMG it was amazing!

I don’t want to give anything away except I loved the entire movie and I don’t think I’ve ever been so awake at 3 am before!

A storm is coming…

This is what the sky looked like after I got out of my spinning class last night.

It was so intense!  I just had to take a picture and put it on facebook and of course it reminded me of the movie!

So at work on Fridays we have what is called “Tequila and Poker” night.  Sometimes it starts at 3:00 pm – sometimes it starts at 4:30 – I guess it just depends on how stressful the week has been.

Anyhow, last Friday the boys were playing poker and I was around because I was working late.  I was also dead tired from the night before (WOOT TDK!).  So when a bottle of wine appeared, I joined them.  At this point we were playing a card game called Kings (I highly recommend it) but don’t do what we did, play with beer! Also if you click on the link we played with the second assignment of rules.

So after two games of Kings and lots and lots of drinking it was time for food. Where we ended up at a bar (don’t remember the name) but it was right below our office and the guys ended up picking up BOOTS OF BEER!

A co-worker drinking his boot!

Please notice the direction in which the boot is facing.  This is very important if you want to avoid giving yourself beer facials!

Fun times all around!