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Breaking through the shackles of consumerism and ridding myself of debt!

Beating the Summer Heat

Hey people!  So this summer has been ridiculous at times.  I’ve had this post saved for months and I know I’m a bit late but it’s helpful nonetheless.

How to get the most out of your fan (even ceiling fan). CLEAN YOUR FAN!.  Trust me.  It takes about 30 minutes if your mindful of what you’re doing.  The standing fans have lil clasps you can just undo and simply take off the the pieces that need to be cleaned.  Some parts of the fan may need to be cleaned with a paper towel or rag (I highly recommend wetting whichever you decide to use in order to keep the dust from flying everywhere).

I usually clean my fan (and AC filter) in the middle of summer and then once again before I pack it away for the winter.  This way when the summer heat starts back up again next year.  I’m ready to go.  How you store your cooling devices is also very important!  Be sure to put it in a plastic bag or the box it originally came in to protect it from collecting dust over the winter months.

Cleaning your fan/ac will help them live longer, work better, and keep them from driving up your energy bill!

I can’t wait for fall to begin!


What does Financial Freedom Mean to you?

So this is something I’m constantly trying to figure out.  What does it mean to me personally to be financially free.

Does it mean I don’t have to work?
Does it mean I can go on vacation any time I want to?
Does it mean I don’t have any debt?
Does it mean I will one day own a huge house?
Does it mean I’ll have a nanny?
My own private jet?
5 cars in my driveway?
Some ridiculously ugly piece of furniture?

As I’m still working trying to define it for myself.  I’ve learned one thing.

Financial Freedom means having the flexibility to handle 3k worth of college tuition so my sister doesn’t have to worry about it right now.

Pretty damn good feeling.

F You Money!

Money is probably the number 1 thing the majority of people think about.

I dont mean money in the sense of investing, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc.  But purchases and savings.  Basic needs vs wants.

With the way things are in the economy and all the stories I hear on the news and read in the papers it is very difficult for me not to be concerned.  But I’m definitely one of the lucky ones.  I have savings, and I have a job.  Those two things alone are a blessing.  Without the job, I could survive for a couple of months, and after that, well I have options.  Which would be explored when it’s time.  For now though, I’m in a good place.

However I’m always trying to think of ways to keep my financial security.  My financial independence.  I read a lot of financial blogs that have given me the knowledge I have to make the decisions I’ve made in regards to money.

I love the concept of not being a slave to my money or my employer and I think this post represents it well.  Hopefully it motivates you too!

Mr. Money Mustache.


Being in the middle of an “Economic Downturn” and hearing words like Trillion Dollar debt and unemployment really has me thinking about my money.

Over all I avoid most common mistakes the general public makes around my age. I have never opened up a Credit Card to get a free t-shirt or sandwich and I’ve never maxed out a Credit Card over frivolous items that didn’t hold value to me.

In full disclosure, I did max out my American Express (3K) by going to India for my cousins wedding and being unemployed for a month and a half. My current remaining balance is $606.11 after 3 months of aggressively tackling my debt. (That wasn’t my only debt, but those don’t matter anymore since they are paid off).

Along with my AmEx, I have my student loan, which I haven’t been too worried about this year. In 2010 I definitely made more of a conscious effort to make extra payments now and then. Not so much this year – this needs to change.

I’ve pulled my Credit Score and my Credit Report and I’m doing really well. I think to help me fly over those last 100 points I need to diversify my investments. (sounds scary right, I know).

Before I get into this let me give you some background information. I’m making 15K more in NY then I was in DC and somehow it seems harder to get into an apartment and budget out my spending. And contrary to what people believe, you can find apartments for less than or around $1200.  You just have to be able to compromise a little with your commute time.  I would never ask anyone to compromise with the safety of their neighborhood though.  But what has changed from DC to NY?

Well now I have a partner in crime.  ❤ I go out more in NY then I ever went out in DC. I also eat out a lot more in NY then I ever have anywhere else.  Part of this is due to the fact I don’t have my own personal kitchen. (Great Uncle is a Vegetarian and very particular about items).  Also, we like to travel and watch movies – which are $13 bucks a ticket in NY (WTF!)

This is definitely a new spending habit, it’s one that isn’t going to go away b/c I want to continue to go out and have fun and experience different things.  But this also takes a decent percentage of income I used to delegate elsewhere (like savings, or items for the house).

Alongside with this change, as of recent I’ve become a bit more self-conscious of what I’m wearing, and what earrings I have on, and what jewelry matches, etc.  I was NEVER this girl.  I’ve never had an interest it and I couldn’t (and still can’t) justify spending $ (no matter if it’s on sale or not) on those items.  As of recent though, I’ve begun to feel guilty about not caring more, I feel as if I give off the wrong impression.  These are definitely items I don’t care for, and I’m a pretty smart girl, I don’t need labels to define me or anything it just seems that I’m giving off some misconceptions.  It was difficult/easy with Shivani b/c she was always the dressy one – but she also let me borrow her stuff so it wasn’t a big deal. My new Partner in Crime is very well put together and definitely pays attention to all those things. I feel like I gotta keep up and I’m not.

Honestly – those two concerns up there are what is keeping me from looking into other investments. I don’t want those two items to slide but they also take up a good percentage of my income.

I feel like the “eating out” will take care of itself once I have my own kitchen but my concern is what if it doesn’t. And aside from that I have to refurnish and restock my entire apartment. That definitely costs $ – good $. Not being in college anymore also makes me want to have nicer furniture.  Also new clothes is fine and all that, but all that jewelry and keep track of it and if the crap breaks.  Who wants to deal with all that?  I’m also allergic to fake jewelry, after moving to NY I force myself to wear it more – but my skin becomes very sore and irritated after.  😦

I always knew what “was” important to me, but I’m having trouble figuring out what is important to me “now”.

Is saving now and investing more important to me than “living” now.  Can I find a balance?  Are these completely stupid concerns to have and should just suck it up and invest my money already?

BTW – when I say invest – I mean in 401K and Roth — Starting in your 20’s versus starting in your 30’s makes a WORLD of difference.

There has to be a way to have it all. Anybody know how?