Beating the Summer Heat

Hey people!  So this summer has been ridiculous at times.  I’ve had this post saved for months and I know I’m a bit late but it’s helpful nonetheless.

How to get the most out of your fan (even ceiling fan). CLEAN YOUR FAN!.  Trust me.  It takes about 30 minutes if your mindful of what you’re doing.  The standing fans have lil clasps you can just undo and simply take off the the pieces that need to be cleaned.  Some parts of the fan may need to be cleaned with a paper towel or rag (I highly recommend wetting whichever you decide to use in order to keep the dust from flying everywhere).

I usually clean my fan (and AC filter) in the middle of summer and then once again before I pack it away for the winter.  This way when the summer heat starts back up again next year.  I’m ready to go.  How you store your cooling devices is also very important!  Be sure to put it in a plastic bag or the box it originally came in to protect it from collecting dust over the winter months.

Cleaning your fan/ac will help them live longer, work better, and keep them from driving up your energy bill!

I can’t wait for fall to begin!


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