1908 Olympics

I know I’m a bit late with the Olympics being over, but this is my small attempt the keep the memory alive.

I love this!  I recently saw this on another blog I read.

It’s amazing to see how much things have changed over the past 100+ years!  It still shocks me when I hear a child’s birthday has 20## instead of 199#!

Anyhow check out some of these images



I love this, the long dresses, the hats, so much awesomeness in one picture.  I wish I could see what they were aiming it.


Tug-a-war!  I don’t know if that is the official title of this event – but this is great!  Do you remember playing tug-a-war!  It’s no joke.


I could see this lady as a little girl walking over her toys in this manner in order to practice!

I’m fascinated that people can do this in leotards, but the fact she is wearing  a dress, panty hose, and I believe a HAT! make this incredible.

I love seeing how times have changed.  I bet there wasn’t any Gatorade at this event?  There also seems to be little to no advertising.  I think I’d love to see our gymnasts compete in full day to day wear!

I read somewhere that it was once a “show up to compete” type of event.  Could you imagine if they did that today?


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