Nike Inspires

I love girl power, I love anything that inspires girls to be their own person and to follow their dreams.  Anything from boxing, running a fortune 500 company, opening up a small business, to being an active stay at home mom (which is no easy feat).    I love the little girl with the baseball glove, so much attitude — it’s precious.

The following video inspires me to move and just do, to dance.  I’ve talked about taking dancing lessons for so long.  I love ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. I would want to start with contemporary and hip hop and go from there but I feel so insecure about my weight and movement. (things jiggle)  I tell myself I’ll run off the excess weight and then I’ll join a dance class…and I’ll do it too, I’ll run it off and then I’ll get lazy or complacent and be right back where I started.  No more though.  It’s a new day and it’s going to different this time and this video is going to help:


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