This Is My Body

This video is amazing!  It speaks to so many different issues and each of them are so incredibly important.

I’m amazed at how much society loves to try to “control” others.  I say “control” because setting laws, creating taxes, enforcing mandates that force people to do what you want them to do isn’t actual control.  It’s force.

A country that was stolen and re-built so they could stop being “forced” from the royals does the same to it’s citizen now but under the disguise of the law.

I agree with all accounts of this argument.  I am Pro CHOICE for women.  A woman has the right to decide what happens to her and she should be able to control her own life.  It is no one else’s damn business.   This is in regards to all issues, including abortion.  How dare people feel they can impose their ideas and guilt onto someone else.

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