Shooting at a Gurudwara in Wisconsin

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MCT/Zuma Press

Firefox browser has a feature called “News” (other browsers have this too).  I remember in college I would open up all the windows within this tab to read the headlines of what was going on in the world for the past 24 hours.  Headlines that caught my attention would provoke me to read the rest of the article. (The videos were the most annoying).  Anyhow, after about a semester of doing this, I realized thousands of people die everyday and as I kept reading, I started to become immune to the numbers.  Especially as most recorded deaths were occurring overseas.

“Until it hit home” – first with the Colorado shooting and now the shooting in Wisconsin.  I try not to follow these stories too closely as they become infuriating and deter my faith in humanity, but with all the different news outlets, it’s hard to escape.

Many died, and the shooter was detained.  Reports say he is a white supremacist. My question is, why not just label him a terrorist?  It’s interesting the various titles they have to describe killers and their intentions.  So I looked up the difference between and Supremacist and Terrorist. (source:

Terrorist: A person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.
Supremacist: An advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, esp. one determined by race or sex

Hate comes in so many different forms.  A man on the plane was reading the Wall Street Journal and I saw the picture above in his article.  The picture moves me in a sad kind of way.  My heart aches for those who are suffering and for those who have lost their lives due to the hatred that fills this one mans soul.

I hope people take this as an opportunity to educate themselves about Sikhism, and teach their children and those around them about acceptance.

The world is too small to be ignorant.


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