Bookshelf = Shoe Storage

So as you saw as of my last post, my place is a MESS!

I’m happy to share I’ve made great progress but I’m no where near complete.

Today I just wanted to share with you my DIY (tad ghetto) way to increase my storage situation for shoes!

Step 1: Use the box the shelf originally came in.  Recycling!

Step 2: I cut off one of the sides of the box using a knife (please cut AWAY from yourself when doing this)

Step 3: I traced an already existing shelf to ensure it would fit (photo 4)

Step 4: Now it’s time to cut.  I used an exacto knife for this.  I only had to go over it twice! So it didn’t take me more than 5 minutes and it was a lot easier then using scissors to cut through cardboard.

Step 5: I bought shelf supports on amazon a pack of 12 was around $3.  I don’t see myself needing anymore then that so for now it’s enough.  All I had to do is pop them in where I wanted my new cardboard shelves and slide them in. Voila!

I have sandals and ballet flats so I knew I wouldn’t need large shelves.  It definitely helped get a lot of my shoes off the floor.  I have more shoes that I wear on special occasions, but those will have to wait until I figure out a different solution.

The brown cardboard looks a bit odd, so I’ll probably spray paint them white at some point.  Or just modge podge on some nice color paper to make it pop.  But I don’t see the point as it will mostly be covered by shoes.  We’ll see what direction I feel inspired to go in!

Hope you enjoyed!


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