Like most people I follow a kazillion blogs and read a lot of stuff about DIY projects.  Everything from the simple (making animals out of old paint chips) to the more difficult (building a deck).  I find it so fascinating how creative people can be.

There was one DIY, where the person used pipe cleaners to wrap around the ends of the wired hangers to create grips (instead of buying new hangers)  I think that’s genius!  You could color code it and stuff.  (mine would be all blue). Source

Anyhow, so following all the blogs and collecting massive amounts of pins on pinterest that I probably will never look at again, has created a bit of a funk.  Everything looks so extravagant and detailed.  You see their craft rooms and supply closets and wonder to yourself how anyone could ever end up with THAT much craft stuff!

So every time I would convince myself to embark on a DIY project, I’d create a list of what I’d need (based on the pin or blog) and be frustrated with the amount of items I’d have to buy.  Isn’t DIY supposed to save me some money?!

Counting Pennies

Anyways, so it finally hit me a few days ago, I’m supposed to make changes and be creative based on what I have.  Not how much I can buy!  (and I’ve bought a good bit of crap!).  I think it’ll be interesting as I really don’t have a lot of crafty stuff, I just have…STUFF.

Now that it’s finally clicked that it doesn’t have to be picture (or pin) perfect.  I’m going to start tackling my apartment.  Trying things, hating things, just to see what happens.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how things go!

First step: take pics/vid of current apartment so you can see how things are set up. (ugh this is going to be embarrassing).


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