Fast walking around the block…

Due to the circumstances of life as well as laziness, I haven’t worked out in a pretty long time.  (about 2 months)

It’s amazing how quickly your body/face/health/energy gets UGLY…I mean there is just no other word for it.  It sucks that walking from the train to my house (up hill two blocks) tires me out.  Seriously…and the hill isn’t even that steep.

Me and PK have been “discussing”(aka complaining) to each other about our lack of dedication to our health/fitness for weeks now.  We’ve done better on the eating side of it…but then the weekends come and there is eating out and drinks and it’s just all bad!

Anyhow, looking in the mirror I can tell that I’m the fatest now than I have ever been in my life.  It’s disgusting!  Seriously…

I think we were both suffering from PM’s dilemma.  Which is over planning, over thinking, and not enough doing (or in our case, no doing).

So yesterday…finally.  We just did.  We got into our work out clothes and went out side with no real plan but to run three blocks.  That was it.  We didn’t know what would happen after, or where we will eat or what time it will be.  It was a bit liberating.

So we begin to jog and I was panting after two blocks.  It was humiliating.  We turned around and jogged back.  Then we walked/jogged around my block once. Than walked around the same block to “cool down”.  Did jumping jacks while waiting for the elevator (now that I think of it, we should’ve just taken the stairs). And we tried to do squats in the elevator till we got to my floor lol.

I call it “fast walking around the block” because…well it was pitiful.  On my part at least.   I can’t speak for PK.

I want to fast walk around the block tonight as well. *fingers crossed*


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