F You Money!

Money is probably the number 1 thing the majority of people think about.

I dont mean money in the sense of investing, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc.  But purchases and savings.  Basic needs vs wants.

With the way things are in the economy and all the stories I hear on the news and read in the papers it is very difficult for me not to be concerned.  But I’m definitely one of the lucky ones.  I have savings, and I have a job.  Those two things alone are a blessing.  Without the job, I could survive for a couple of months, and after that, well I have options.  Which would be explored when it’s time.  For now though, I’m in a good place.

However I’m always trying to think of ways to keep my financial security.  My financial independence.  I read a lot of financial blogs that have given me the knowledge I have to make the decisions I’ve made in regards to money.

I love the concept of not being a slave to my money or my employer and I think this post represents it well.  Hopefully it motivates you too!

Mr. Money Mustache.


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