Paper Table Covers

Have you ever been to a nice restaurant. Where they have great lighting and clean crisp white table clothes. You know the table cloth is going to be smooth and soft. Until the moment your fingers slide over it and you realize it’s covered in paper.

Now when this first happen to me I won’t lie, I was a bit upset but then I started thinking. ‘is this Eco friendly?’ ‘does this same them loads of money?’ Most of the time it’s butcher paper, any one know the retail value of that?

Whatever it is. It turned out to be a wonderful thing. I no longer have to ask for the children’s menu when we go out places. I don’t need their menus to color. I can draw straight on the table.

It’s wonderful. We’ve sketched potential tattoo designs, cars, flowers, random logos, and even written out an entire purchase plan for a brand new car.

Seriously it’s the small things in life that make it awesome. I make sure to have two pens on me at all times so whoever I’m with can explore their creativity too.

Pictures to come…




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