Thoughts vs. Words

I’m sure we all know the difference between thoughts and words.  My question is, what happens for a thought to become words.  What drives us to communicate what we’re thinking.

In my case in particular, what am I lacking that I don’t realize that if I communicate thought x, it’ll make the recipient of the communication feel awkward.

I’m sure for most it’s not all that confusing but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it.

We should be able to speak to our friends and family, right?  Tell them our thoughts.  What if I’m feeling the “wrong” thing – but because I dont have the filters I don’t communicate it.  Do I carry that wrong thought around with me?  Who helps me work through that?

I know some of you may be thinking, “well figure it out yourself” but if I have a wrong thought and I dont know it’s a wrong thought…than what?  How do you figure out you’re wrong about something with out speaking to someone about it.

I’m sometimes told that it seems like I hold back or I don’t share what I’m thinking.  But then if I share I’ve potentially made things awkward.

I would get all teenage defiant and claim “well I’ll just keep everything to myself” but that’s not an option.  I dont want to carry that.  I dont want to carry bad feelings around if I’m not meant to have them.

– forever socially awkward


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