Complication of Indecision

I feel like I’m suffocating.  Like I can’t breathe. Drowning under water with aggressive waves that keep crashing over me every time I try to catch a breath.  Every move I make, every decision I make seems to shift the world into twisted abnormal shapes.  Every decision impacting the next, every non-decision halting life.  There is no turning, no running, no escaping.  It’s just choice after choice, decision after decision.  Shaping and molding the very ground you walk on.   Creating the cracks and splits in the foundation. While others not so detrimental building sky scrapers that gleam and rise with each passing day.  Drowning as you’re simply walking.  Not sure which way to go or which step to take but the water keeps washing over you.  It’s life and the many things you have to choose between every single day in every single moment of your life.  It’s exhausting and I don’t want to choose anymore.  So my life has now halted.


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