Do we really change?

Evolution.  Evolution…

I know that Science and History both prove that we change and evolve over time.  I’m not arguing with that.  My question is to how quickly it occurs.

I like to think I’m different then who I was 5 yrs ago.  But have I really changed? Is that person really gone? I like to think I’m wiser then 5 yrs ago too, but am I? Would I make the same mistakes in the name of love? Would I say “this time its different due to person, place in which I’m making the mistake? Would I run away and call my self an adventurer to avoid facing the truth that thing I fear the most is the thing I’ve become?

Do we really change as quickly as we think we do? I know our priorities change but that is due to external forces, what abt from within?  When he says, “Babe, I’m not like that any more.” Do you believe him?


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