My birthday this year was AMAZING.

But before I get started lets put down an official name, shall we.  So the guy I am dating doesn’t like labels – he gets very uncomfortable with “boyfriend/girlfriend” type of stuff so I’ll refrain from saying “the boyfriend” and will refer to him from now on as “the man

Alright, now that we are clear on that – the man planned my birthday this year.  I was too confused and conflicted to figure out what I wanted to do.  I usually spend my birthday in Atlanta with all my friends and live it up.  But this year I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, I wasn’t sure if the man would want to come, I wasn’t sure if I should use that time to visit a new place so I just stopped thinking about it.

That’s where the man came in and totally stepped it up.  First off I’d like to begin to say that this is the first time (ever) I’ve had someone to spend my birthday with (like that, you know?) and secondly it’s the only time I’ve ever been surprised.

So the man purchased airplane tickets to a secret destination in September and told me to take the Friday off before my birthday weekend.  People, I didn’t realize where I was going until we got the airport! Talk about struggles packing.

Guess where he took me! ATLANTA!  This destination was completely unexpected, trust me — all the hints he gave me where completely throwing me off.  Shame on me for believing him so easily – next time I’ll know better.

That wasn’t even the biggest surprise.  The entire weekend was filled with surprises, like my sister picking us up from the airport, and them blind folding me and taking me to Cheesecake Factory (as my friends stood around me and watched and laughed at me) and the Aquarium (since I never had a chance to go when I lived there) and more dinner and just an AMAZING time!

It was a great birthday and I was so happy to see all my peoples.  I feel like I never have enough time with them and I always feel like some of my friends don’t get a lot of my attention when I’m there because I try to jam-pack a weeks worth of hang out time into two days.  But I’m super grateful for them and know that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a lot of them.  It was very difficult to leave Atlanta to come back to New York.

But who knows, maybe I’ll be near all of them again soon.

Yay for great birthdays, surprises, and the man being in cahoots with my little sister.  ❤

Sweet Moments ❤


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