Apartment Searching in NY

So I know it’s been a while  but I’ve been a bit busy.

I recently decided (was told) it was time to move out so I’ve been on the search.  Now I’ve been looking at places on craigslist on and off for a few months now but the reality is that I don’t really know the areas in NY much.  I know what I “think” I know – mostly due to the media and hip-hop/rap songs.  Even those songs I don’t really remember.  Is Harlem bad or good?  What goes on in the Bronx? Was it Queens or Brooklyn or that one guy got shot?

Who knows…but what makes it even more complicated are all the little areas within the 5 boroughs.  Bed-Stuy do or die – Bed-Stuy needle in your eye?  Who came up with this?!  Crown Heights is a lil…umm, rough for me and it smelt like nasty old raw fish when I got out of the MTA (eww).  Bad experience in Flatbush has really turned me off to the entire area – it’s ridiculous.

Dumbo, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Green, Red Hook, Clinton Hill and some others – are very nice and very very expensive. *sniff* so much for that.

Queens I can’t even begin to afford — unless I live in little India (Jackson Heights).  That is def not preferable.  A co-worker told me one of apt building where he found a 1 bedroom for $1100 and his commute is about an hour.  I decided I can deal with an hour commute if I am living in a nice apt building.  Guess what, I called and two things 1. I apparently don’t make enough money (more on this later) and 2. they don’t have any one bedrooms available.

Lets address number 1 first.  Are you freaking kidding me?!  I don’t make enough money?  Seriously?  I paid $950 for a studio in DC and I made 15k LESS then what I make now.  15K – I’m pretty damn sure — actually scratch that I AM DAMN SURE I could afford $1100 rent JUST FINE.  bitches.

After that, I quit with Queens.  So yea, back to Brooklyn.  So every place has a broker or a few brokers trying to show/rent the space.  No customer service skills whatsoever!  This one guy showed me an apartment and had 4-5 other people there. Didn’t realize this was an open house Mr.  Oh and the lies!  These people lie like NO tomorrow.  You find their post on craigslist and it has these pretty little picture and a decent price and OF COURSE it’s missing the rest of the information, like utilities and how far it is from public transit.  Then you go there and you realize the kitchen looks NOTHING like the post you saw and that bathroom is definitely not as clean as you’d like it to be and it’s just a bit farther from the trains then they said it was.  What gets better is the price.

Scammy broker, “SO yea this place is going for 1300”
Me, “I thought your post said $1100”
Scammy broker, “No that was for a studio”
Me, “But the post title is 1 bedroom”
Scammy broker, “Oh but I wrote in the description”
(At this point I want to pull out the pictures of the ad I took on my phone but who wants to argue with a liar?)

On top of all that – the broker wants to collect a fee – a fee that is the equivalent of 1 months rent!   Absolutely fucking ridiculous.  I understand having to screen broke people.  It’s a business, I get it.  But seriously?  You didnt’ do shit, you lied about 75% of the time, and you want a fee?!

As the guy I am dating says, ‘Nigga plz, get outta here wid da shit”  (yes he’s totally gangster like that)

The good side of things.  I love Prospect Park in Brooklyn, especially Ocean Ave.  So I forgot about Bed-Stuy, and Little India and all my attention is now focused on Ocean Ave.  I will live there (and no there isn’t an Ocean near it) but there are a lot of trees and tree-lined streets.  It’s beautiful.  Hopefully once I find home – I’ll have photos to share and a place to invite friends to!

Until then – pray I don’t jump off of a high-rise. 🙂


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