Random posts can be fun.  Let us see if I can make this entertaining.

Things are a bit different around here and it’s cool.  I’m helping with “New Business” presentations and setting up processes since everyone knows I’m an organizational freak.

I owe credit to my mom for that.  I remember we would go to Sam’s Club with a ’98 Dodge Intrepid.  Even though it had a pretty  massive trunk we would get enough stuff for the house (and we always had people living with us) and the store my parents own.  And she would leave it to me to get everything to fit in that car.  Let me tell you – I was freaking AWESOME at it.

So yes, I’m helping getting things organized and assisting the other PM’s with their projects as I carry my own.  It’s cool but the real work definitely hasn’t started yet.

I’m still working on building my website, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  I’m still waiting on some working files for stuff I did at my previous place of employment.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get it and since that is my first and only other work experience it kind of sucks because now I don’t have an inventory of the type of work I can do.  The kind I enjoy doing.

It’s also a bummer because I figured out what I would want my position to be but without any resources/proof to back it up it’ll definitely make it a harder case to prove.

So I think my body is holding a lot of “heat” because I’m constantly breaking out.  My face looks like a car accident right now.  I’ve been going to the gym and eating fairly healthy.  I had 1 sweet item this week (which is definitely a record) and it wasn’t even chocolate.  Need to figure out how to cool down internally.

I’m currently reading about how the human mind works and let me tell you – all those studies you see online about how much sleep you need and how to learn things and blah blah blah are complete crap!  Everyone should read Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving it’ll give you insight on how to perform better, eat better, increase your health, and just be awesome all the time!  I might have to write-up a post about this.

I’ve been on an Adele binge for the past month it feels.  I absolutely love her and her voice.  I watched a few of her interviews.  So cute!  She’s hilarious.  Her random bursts of laugh remind me of one my cousins haha.

Other then all that I just can’t wait for October and then December to get here.  If I get those assets from my last job that would also be super awesome.  Things are okay, they aren’t great.  But I have hope they’ll get better.  — I hope.



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