So this past weekend there was a huge family gathering in New Jersey.

A lot of us haven’t seen each other in a long time. It’s amazing how the time flies. A few of us are close with some in the sense that we call just to catch up and see how the other is, others seem to drop off the face of the planet till the next gathering.

Honestly, I don’t mind either way as long as they are happy and taking care of themselves.

My sister is the youngest and she’ll be turning 21 in December – freaking incredible.

I think the best part of getting together is that now there are babies in the house. Since a few of my cousins are married and have kids it’s real awesome. My niece is insanely stubborn and incredibly loud – but that’s what makes her fit in with our family, we are all incredibly stubborn and stupid loud lol.

Not every one could come this past weekend, and that tends to happen a lot now that we’re older but they were definitely missed.

I personally got to see my parents, sister, and one of my best friends after 5+ months. So that was real exciting for me. I really miss living with my sister and having her around on a daily basis.

I know we got sick of each other in DC – but the living arrangement (a studio apt) wasn’t ideal and definitely didn’t help. But we did learn to love and love each other more when we hated each other hahaha.

Yay for family – even though they drive you crazy.


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