Words You Carry

So initially I wanted to name this post “What’s in your wallet” but Capital One uses that and I heard they suck.  I personally haven’t had any experience with them but for this particular subject I’ll side with the public consensus.

I love cleaning things out and organizing them and I love throwing stuff away (or recycle, give away).  So I was going through my wallet as I normally do every few weeks and emptied out all the different slots and pockets.  Old business cards and faded receipts – the usual.

What I did come across though were two notes (then I added one).  I’ve been carrying these words with me in my wallet for years.  It’s funny because I’m not as aware of them as I was before, but they still seem to be of great importance to me.  Needless to say, they made it back into my wallet and that’s where they will stay…until they are no longer relevant, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Note 1 (is a horoscope)
Today: Your thoughts sink beneath the apparent surface of relationship interactions as you think about your unexpressed needs and how they motivate you.  Paradoxically, everything may seem simple when you realize exactly what you desire.  But nothing is quite as easy as it seems and going after your hearts desire can be more complex then you wish.

Yesterday: It may appear you are going about life as usual, taking care of everyone else first.  But something is cooking within the privacy of your own mind now as you consider how to better nurture yourself.  Don’t be afraid of making a decision to express your needs more freely, even if you cannot act on it for a few more days.

I know I held on to these two horoscopes because they are very relevant at the time.  It’s sad that they still seem to hold true today.

The Back side of Note 1: (My Ultimate Favorite Quote)
“The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors, that which it loves, and also that which it fears.  It reaches the height of it’s cherished aspirations.  It falls to the level of it’s un-chastened desires – and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives it’s own.

This quote changed my life, it altered the way I thought about things and how I approached obstacles.  It definitely made me stronger and reading it still gives me that overwhelming tingly feeling as my insides fill with warmth.

Note 2: (Something I wrote)
Serenade my soul
Reach for my dreams
Whisper me a love song
Believe in me.

Serenade my soul
Stir my emotions
Stand by me
Appreciate my devotion.

Serenade my soul
Vanquish my fears
Look into my eyes
Find what is real.

Serenade my soul
Dance with me
Tantalize my limbs
Make love to me.

Serenade my soul
Entice my mind
Guard my honor
Love me like no other.

This means the world to me because it was when I realized what I wanted out of my partner, my bf, fiance, husband, significant other — w/e you want to call him.  It’s when I realized what was most important for me to have in a relationship and I carry it (and have Serenade tattooed on my back) to remind me to never settle.  That I deserve these things despite all my bruises, dents, and quirks.  I refuse to be mistreated or disrespected.

Note #3: (Another quote)
“Make the most of yourself.  For that is all there is of you.”

This is more of don’t get stuck in a dead-end job or settle in life.  It’s a reminder to do what I want to do and never stop reaching for my goals/dreams.  I could go on for hours about what these things mean to me.  But for now I’ll end it here.

What words do you carry in your pocket?

OH and I also have a No. 2 Pencil in my wallet…tres weird.


One response to “Words You Carry

  1. This is a rather awesome post. I love quotes and some bore the hell out of me. However, I can attest to your Serenade tattoo as well as the piece you wrote, both are but beautiful as is the owner/poet. 🙂

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