Voices in my Head

So everything is going pretty well.

My photo food log idea/test was a fail.  I just couldn’t be bothered to take a picture before I eat since I eat so much some days.  It was delaying me from my food hahaha.

But I’ve started the 4HB challenge by Tim Ferriss with my special someone.  That’s very exciting.  He’s super pumped and into it – it’s nice.

The weekends have been nice – I saw Zuber last weekend and Nassim this past weekend.  Def miss my homies from the South.  It’s also a huge reality check to how different things are now.

Other then those items listed above – things are okay I guess.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping, it seems my mind doesn’t want to shut up.  Scenarios keep running through my head of a million and one things.  They are never really pleasant.  But they aren’t entirely bad either.

Everything feels so new, yet familiar.  It’s a bit frustrating.  I don’t know how to explain the thoughts or my feelings so I can’t really talk to anyone.  I’m sure like all the things, it’ll pass — in time.  I just hope it doesn’t leave irreparable damage.

I also don’t want to say anything that’s simply in “thought” form that could cause problems.  They normally do though so I need to keep quiet.



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