Q3 & Q4

The first 6 months of the year were pretty eventful.  I’ve been doing really good with my “life” document and reaching goals that I’ve set for myself.

I’ve done even better financially – but it’s amazing how different it feels to accomplish something financially compared to just accomplishing something.

I feel like finances are an underlying issue and you don’t really focus on them ALL the time (maybe a few times a day) but all your thoughts and ideas and decisions are based on the sub conscious awareness that you have bills/debt to pay.  It’ll be interesting to see how my decisions are impacted in the coming months.

I have 4 really strong goals that I want to accomplish by December.  The thing is, I have to work at each of them daily to see results over time.  Nothing will be instant.  I know this is common with life but I’m not very patient when it comes to these things but I’m hella determined.

Especially when I’m trying to change something “bad” to “good” or “bleh” to “better” – instant gratification is always the better option.

4 Goals: Eat Healthy, Work Out Frequently, Get an Apt, & Career.

I have about one more month of Financial stuff to take care of before I’m completely done – so for about 1.5 months I’ll have 5 major goals that I’ll be continuously working on.

I know with my aggressive planning and determination – I’ll do what needs to be done.

The pain to not change is much greater then the pain to change.

Hope I can stay on track, and find the right motivators I need.


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