Food Experiment

So I’m currently reading 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss and so this is a trial from the book.

Usually when I read a book I zip through it because I just want to know what’s next but I’m taking a different approach with 4HB.  I plan on reading 1-2 sections a week and trying to implement the tasks.

The first task it to keep a food diary because studies show that if you log what you eat – you’ll see a difference in your body/behavior  a lot faster then those who just make a mental note.  A more convenient way is to take pictures of everything you eat and share them online.

So apparently they kept a Food Photo Log – you take a picture of everything you eat (before you eat it) and share it.  That’s simple enough.  They also say to put something (like your hand or a keys) next the plate to show relative sizing.

The thought is that if you share what you eat with others you’ll be more conscious of what you eat and make better choices.  Could you imagine taking a picture of an entire chocolate cake and say “had this for lunch” on facebook! lmao.

Anyways – so I’m uploading photos of my meals to facebook via my cell phone and we’ll see how it goes.

Yay for healthy choices.


2 responses to “Food Experiment

  1. I remember you telling me about this book and transposing what you learn from it to me so we can try and adapt to the routines/methods he describes. Your’re 100% right about “logging what you eat” rather than a mental note. Be it a picture, or blog or text note, etc. I follow a “lunch thread” on my super fav car forum and almost daily log what I eat for lunch. I gotta get in the habit for breakfast now and Dinner, is a whole other beast.

  2. Yup that’s the book! I have a few other ideas I read that I was going to discuss with you last night, but we’ll do it tonight instead. 🙂

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