New York

So it’s definitely been a LONG time since I’ve updated my lovely blog, but on a bright note I have many lovely (and not so lovely) things to share. 🙂

January: I went to India for CJ’s wedding and it was loads of fun.  Becoming terribly ill in NY had its perks and he’s amazing. ❤

February: I quit my job at Design Symphony 😦 and re-located to Queens, New York.

February/March: I enjoyed unemployment, I relaxed, I watched tv, hung out with a certain special somebody, and just relaxed.

March: My uncle passed away and I went to SC for two weeks to be with my family.  I was also able to drive to ATL and spend a day hanging out with some of my most favorite people.

April: I started aggressively looking for a job and was offered a position at Prime Access.

May: I went to Atlantic City for the first time, met an amazing woman from Australia, attending my first block party, met the extended family, and was in the same room as a real gang member.  It was pretty eventful haha.

June: Isn’t finished yet but I”m pretty sure most of the exciting stuff is done for.  I went to Atlantic City again, but this time to meet up with my friends for GA for a Bachelorette Weekend.

Over all, things are going well.  I’m still confused about the future, still questioning my ability and next steps.  But for the most part I’m having a real good time.  There are definitely struggles and times when it feels like I’m stuck in one place.  But looking back always seems to remind me how far I’ve come.

I’m back, so look forward to more fun updates and crazy thoughts that are simply, just me.


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