4 Days in India

The trip to India was short – a bit too short.  But I accomplished what I went for.  I was there to support my cousin as he begin an entire new chapter in his life.

My new sister-in-law seems awesome – granted she was shy and probably nervous those first few days, I’ve heard she’s getting along with everyone nicely.

I can’t believe I flew to India for only 4 days – who does that?  I didn’t even realize HOW short my trip was until I landed and realized all my days were full.

I flew United Emirates – on the way to India they were amazing – on the way back to the States, not so much.  Then again it could be because I was getting sick but still – not happy with the service.

I miss India, I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was standing outside of my grandfathers house (now it’s my dads and his brothers, but still).  Every time I see that house it just seems to look smaller and older.  A part of me wants to just go back and take care of it…perhaps put all those DIY blogs to use.

So the first night there was Garba and I danced the entire night – which I found absolutely amazing considering how tired and dehydrated I was but it was fun!  Also the perfect amount of cardio to look good for the wedding haha.

The wedding was fun – I’ve never been so intimately involved with the groom-side before and I think it gave me and my cousin the perfect opportunity to hang out.  Looking at the bride and saying “very nice” hahaha and clicking the perfect “Facebook” pictures.

Anyhow – it was fun…everything except having to go to the Mandir (temple) but that isn’t a story for the public so we’ll leave it at that.

The trip back was interesting and being in NY for a few days was another vacation within itself, despite being terribly sick.  But that too – is a story for another day.


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