So I’ve decided to move to New York.  Where in New York and what am I going to do there all has yet to be sorted out.  But the decision to move is final.

I consider it my do-over, I realize I have a good thing here at Design Symphony – and the people I’m surrounded by are great.  But I don’t belong here, I don’t seem to fit.  I tried, I believe I tried, others believe I could have tried harder — and that’s fine.  At this point in my life I’m okay with that judgment if that is what people wish to believe, but in the end this is my life and I am in need of a do-over.

We don’t get many of those in our “adult” lives.  I know running away isn’t the answer but sometimes it’s what we need.  I moved to DC without a real concrete plan and for better (and worse) things worked out.

I went to NY this past weekend and got hit by a crap load of snow – but before I left I had this feeling that it would work out.  No job, little savings, a few friends (by a few I mean like 3).  Something big is going to happen, I’m going to fit – and I can’t wait.

I know this move isn’t logical and I didn’t go about it in the most “secure” or “safest” fashion.  I realize things could go terribly wrong, but if everything everyone says about me is true, I’ll be ok.  If not, you guys are liars! *glare*  😉

For the New Year I wish everyone could find the strength to make the changes they need to make their life better.  Just because the  unknown is scary it doesn’t mean you just exist.

Things can get bad, trust me I know — but if you’re not trying to live, what’s the point?

Happy 2011 Everyone!

p.s.  excuse the choppy’ness of the posts, trying to get back into the flow of things.


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