Looking to the past

I recently came to the realization that I haven’t been as free flowing as I normally am or was.

I’ve censored my words, my feelings, my posts, in order to fulfill and oblige by some unspoken social media rule.  Except, the rules aren’t unspoken, they are suggested, recommended, highlighted, and presented almost every where.  To watch your e-presence and to beware of Google searches and incriminating pictures.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there is a lot of useless stuff on the internet and some people would be better off without some of those pictures or status updates.  But what happen to the “live and learn” approach.

I remember when I used to blog under an alias.  Granted the people who knew the link and have now built strong relationships with know who I am and the complexity that I have grown to believe exists within only me.  But I visited that blog today – skimmed over some old posts.  Can’t recall my login but I’m sure if I cared enough I could muster up enough memory power to get back in.

I miss the free flowing form of words and sentences.  The written(typed) declaration of my feelings, opinions, wants, desires, needs, fears, and goals.

Another question to add to the zabillion that are floating around in my head – to blog under an alias, or to truly use the space for what it was created for?

Do you really want to know what I think?

PS – I need to add more images to my posts.  All these letters are making it kind of boring.


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