Self vs. Company

I was randomly reminded of this business class I took in College called “Managerial Decisions”  Like most classes in college I hated this one as well, especially since the professor seemed to have a strong vendetta against all “companies”.

One day in particular she mentioned how students should beware of the companies they work for and always look out for just themselves.  I was astonished at the nerve of this woman.

How dare any of us work for a company and not care about the job/company?  Yes there may be a guy on the top floor in a suit who doesn’t know your name, but guess what – he DESERVES to be there.

Companies don’t just appear out of thin air – a lot of time, work, sweat, and dedication go into building these multi-million dollar companies.  To whom you should be GRATEFUL because without them – you wouldn’t have had a damn job to apply for to begin with!

So the next time you decide to “stick it” to “the man” remember – if you hurt him enough you will be the first to go.

Now I’m aware because of the recession their have been a lot of unorthodox lay offs – but once again – – you bust your ass off for years to grow a company to secure your family and create jobs and find out the numbers are plunging?  If you have any ideas (especially creative ones) share them.  If not – suck it up and move on.

I truly believe that if you care about the company and always apply yourself in new and improved ways – the “company” will care about you too.  No relationship can survive if one sided, so do your part.

btw – this is more for the newbies just coming into the “real world”

Besides, if I was running a company and became aware that my employees didn’t care for the longevity and sustainability of our brand.  I would totally fire them.


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