Bringing the Sandwich Back

In my personal effort of managing my finances I have opted to bring lunch from home 3-4 times a week.

So before I’d try to be cool and try to bring awesome dishes to work.  You know some type of pasta, or chicken and rice.  I even went “Green” and did the Salad thing for a while.  I think I held that up for about 2 months. (nice, right?)

Anyhow, on our mission to not get bored with our food my sister and I decided that we will integrate sandwiches into our weekly meal plan and because it can be really healthy if done properly.  (weekly meal plan, I know that makes me a bit geeky but it works okay)

Anyhow, so I’m eating my lunch at the wonderful Affinity Lab and Bryan Weaver (Who is running for City Council Ward 1) asks me if I always cut my sandwich down the middle.

In all honesty, my sandwich didn’t look as delicious as this one.

Me being the odd ball I am reply with “It depends on the type of sandwich I am eating.”  This sparks Mr. Weaver’s attention and so I continue to explain.  “If I have a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, it’d be cut diagonally.  Where as a wrap or a sandwich made out of a bun or loaf would be as well.  If it’s a PB and J that could possibly be down the middle w/ the edges cut off.”

To save you the further details – this resulted in a 15 minute conversation of which type of cut is appropriate for which sandwich.

For pure fun, here are some example pictures I found via Google Search.

This is pretty bad ass

A bit too much time on someone’s hands.

So my fellow sandwich eaters what type of sandwich cutter are you?


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