Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am Heart.  I am Love. I am Hope.  I am Weird with a bit of Crazy.  Not for all, but for some.

I don’t let my past define me, but it does teach me and guide me.

I am a citizen of Humanity and my religion is Faith.

I love my family, but not in the traditional way.  I have a few amazing friends and an abundance in acquaintances, which will slowly change.  I value a deep meaningful relationship, one that helps you learn, grow, and connect.  I don’t believe in using people, or keeping them around till you need them.  Helping people realize they can have it all is what I love to do.

I hate being controlled and told what to do.  But always welcome advice and wisdom of others I respect and look up to.

I love to learn and try new things on my own time.

I love to travel.  As a subset I move constantly – secretly it’s because I’m searching for “home”.  Experiencing new cultures, religions, history, and learning about different types of people are a few of my interests.

I love the beauty in simple things as well as complex.

I’m an odd balance of loud silence.

I am true to my word and hate lying (especially to manipulate or cheat someone).  Lying to make someone’s day better, no foul.  When everything else is taken from you, your word is all you will have, value it.

Music, Dance, Art, and Humanity are things that thrill me.

I don’t let society and others define me.  They don’t tell me what I like and what is cool.  I don’t follow fashion trends and don’t enjoy (what I assume are) the activities of most people in their early 20’s.

I get excited over the stupidest things, but it’s the simple things in life that make life awesome.

I love the idea of “love” – but not the misconception portrayed by the media.  I hate people who blame their relationships for their troubles.  It frustrates me when people don’t work at their relationships.  Nothing is easy, and anything that is – isn’t worth it.

I love the selflessness of love, compassion, companionship, respect, and trust.  Two broken people don’t equal a healthy relationship.  Two complete people equal a team, a healthy relationship.

If you don’t know what you want, or what you are looking for – you won’t find it.  Take the time to figure it out.

I don’t believe in settling, every thing always works out, fear is a negative form of excitement, and I hold the right to change my mind.  The universe speaks to me, and looks out for me.

I have extreme luck, good and bad.  Every mistake/failure is a lesson and a step closer to success (as well as humbling).

I hate if I’m not progressing in some area, in some way.

I am me, no other.

I am me, no other


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