E-mail Account Hacked

In our new amazing world of technology it’s interesting how a terrible thing can actually result in some good.

Recently my yahoo (yes I still use yahoo) account was broken into and the person went to town on sending everyone on my address book ads for completely inappropriate things.

Here is my formal apology for that:  I am sorry! (besides the one posted on facebook and the e-mails)

I’ve changed my password so that should no longer be an issue.  (except I’m having a hard time remembering the new password)

Anyhow, the great thing about this “incident” was it put me back in contact with friends I haven’t spoken to in a while.  It’s not that we forgot about each other, we just got caught up in that thing called Life.  It’s amazing how a few inappropriate e-mails can re-connect people.

On the downside.  I need to start deleting people from my address book as well.  I do the frequent “purges” from facebook and instant messenger, however I forgot about the address book.  🙂


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