Self Re-assessment

So I have this habit of conducting a self-evaluation.  Before it used to be at the end and beginning of the school year or at my birthday and of course New Years.

I haven’t set a new “self-evaluation” schedule for my “adult” life but I seem to be going through the process.

A few quick updates and I’ll continue.

Trip to Israel was great!  I had a great time and Roee and his family took awesome care of me.  I’m surprised how calm I was considering the lack of planning.  I’m so used to going some where and having each day planned out before even landing.  I could see how that works in my favor, but taking it a day at time is so much fun and non-stressful.

I will also be heading my own project at work.  The client has worked with us before and has decided to continue doing work with us.  I will be in charge of communicating with them and generating a plan, etc.  Of course Joey will help guide me to keep it in-line with the Design Symphony image/tone.

My Social Circle in DC (and in life generally) is always a stage in life ahead of me (at least).  If I was entering college, my friends were graduating college or getting engaged/married.  I love this, because it gives me a chance to live through them a bit, and learn from their mistakes as I journey my way through the present “stage.”  However, at times I forget that I am a stage behind, that I am only 22.  That there are still other things I need to do and experience before I am thinking about the same things as them.

For the past few days I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed.  I feel that I am lacking in crucial areas of my life.  Perhaps it is the lack of clarity that has me disgruntled.  But isn’t the lack of clarity I am supposed to be enjoying.  The process of solving the puzzle, of putting the pieces together, or better yet – having them fall into place.

Patience has been my biggest lesson this year.  But I still find it difficult to wait and see what life and time will bring me.

For now, I’ll continue to cross things off my “to do” list and self-progress.  But time is a tricky thing.


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