TEDx Potomac 2010

So Thursay was a TEDx Potomac day.

Freaking amazing day.  I’m so lucky to work at Design Symphony!  The opportunities I have received and the people I have met – absolutely incredible.

People at the event (in no particular order):

Our Hosts:

  • Chris Keener
  • Melissa Krodman

Lush Language – Session 1

  • Chris Anderson
  • Bob Corrigan – Name is nothing with out context, check out his project and contribute!
  • Berit Oskey (woot!) – Making it possible for entrepreneurs to reach their dreams.
  • Josh Sundquist – an amazing motivational speaker. “1 More Thing, 1 More Time”
  • Rives (video)
  • R Street Collective – giving children voice.

Undaunted Esteem – Session 2

  • Craig Newmark – founder of Craigs List (got me through college!)
  • Roshini Thinakaran – “Focuses on the political, social, and economic challenges faced by women in conflict zones.”
  • Frances Moore Lappe – “Living Democracy”
  • Gever Tulley (video)
  • William Kamkwamba (video) – One mans refusal to remain poor.
  • Laura Zam – Uses creative arts and humor to talk about difficult topics.

Urban Alchemy – Session 3

  • Yoko K – Organic Electronica – her music has purpose and a unique sound.
  • Neil Takemoto – “Crowdsourcing cool places for creatives.”
  • Dr. Shannon Hader – Fighting myths against AIDS and building awareness.
  • Bjarke Ingals (video) – has amazing architecture/urban development ideas.
  • Warren Brown – Lawyer turned baker is happier then ever.

Indispensable I/O – Sesson 4

  • Dr. Gary Wynn – Doing amazing work in the world of neuroscience.
  • Colin Beavan – The real way to “Go Green” and why is important.
  • Steve Moore – has great insight to architecture and what drives people to spend time in some areas.
  • Pilobolus (video) –
  • Alexandra Cousteau – advocate on water quality and policy.  What are our responsibilities?
  • Patrick Smith

So many Affinity Lab members there – it was a great experience to share with them!


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