So after UPW I’ve made a lot of changes.

I drink A LOT more water and it’s amazing how much better I feel due to it.  I’ve also stopped buying meat at the grocery store, substitute fish.  I stopped drinking milk and now purchase Almond Soy Milk which is so much better then just regular soy milk and so much healthier then milk.  I’ve decreased my dairy intake and started taking fish pills (omega 3).

Our bodies are made out of so much water and we don’t even realize when we are dehydrated.  It’s crazy!  It’s good for your weight, helps prevent over eating, moistens skin, and keeps you awake.

For lunch I make salads – spinach leaves or mixed greens, little red tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, some basil, broccoli, and 2 tsps of Vinaigrette dressing.  It is amazing how 2 tsps is MORE then enough.  Eating this for lunch not only FILLS me up but it doesn’t make sleepy.  Therefor giving me enough energy to finish my day strong.

I won’t even get started on Dairy products, but please stop or decrease intake as much as possible.  Too much calcium is bad for your health later in age.  Also the amount of saturated fat in milk is above the suggested level of daily intake!

The fish pills give me the oils that my diet lacks in, kind of covering the basis for anything that is missed.

When I do crave chicken – it is 25% of my meal with 75% live foods (greens/vegetables) during lunch.  These portions make it easier for my body to break the food down and also gives me enough active hours in the day to burn off the unhealthy parts.

I applied all these at the same time and the results are amazing.  If you feel overwhelmed in doing so, start with one and move on from there.  You will feel so much better, I promise!

My sister has changed her eating habits as well and her acne and other health problems are slowly fading away.


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