So I didn’t get cable and internet hooked up in the house just because after attending UPW in March I realized what a distraction the TV was.

I’ve noticed that not only do I fall asleep faster, but I sleep deeper and longer.  It’s so restful.

However, Shivani (my little sister) isn’t ready for this type of lifestyle and is about to DIE without television.  So we are in the process of getting our cable hooked up.

Don’t get me wrong, I still watch shows and videos online.  But that is usually during the day for about 30 mins or so and that is it.  Where as when the tv is on, you have to consciously turn it off when you’re done watching the program you tuned in for.  The problem is that people don’t do that.  I know that I never did that.  I’d let the tv stay on and barely glance up at it, but I didn’t realize the impact it was having on me.

I don’t know if it was the noise or some thing else, but I will be enforcing a rule.  No TV after 9pm unless it’s Glee (since it starts at 9).


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