Columbia Heights!

So moving has become a bit stressful.  It is seriously all I think about and I was worried that I wouldn’t find a place in time.

Craigslist is amazing for stuff like this.  I’m so glad apartment complexes are smart enough to use this medium as well.  Stuff is moderately pricey in DC.  There is definitely a similar price range to Atlanta, you just don’t get as many sq ft. as Atlanta.

I first found this awesome basement – it seemed so perfect and there was a garage spot available for the car, which is nice.  But then I found a really good deal on an apartment complex that was even closer to work and about $200 cheaper.

So I moved in this past weekend!  Here are some pictures:

First Night In

Thanks to Craigslist I got a bed fairly quick!

Thanks to Joey (my boss)

My Table!

Tiny Bathroom

Best Closet Ever!

This is all the stuff that fit in my car!  Except for the mattress and the dining table set.  The kitchen is COMPLETELY empty.  Lots of shopping to do but it’s nice to have a place to call my own and call home!


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