Two Weeks In

Things at work are progressing nicely.  I’m finally able to attach names to faces and REMEMBER them.  (I used to have such awesome memory when it came to names and random facts).

Technically in two weeks my 90-day trial period will be over and I get to discuss benefits and salary again.  However, we’ve also decided to move our office location!  Affinity Lab is opening up another work space on U St. and Joey feels due to all the recent changes this would be a good one as well.  We also wanted to set the tone and culture for the new space so as newbies come in then ca get a feel for what we are all about.

Oh – I’ve also decided to move (again).  But this time I will be moving INTO the city.  Sitting in traffic for an hour to hour and half everyday is seriously depressing me.  By the time I get home I’m so tired that I dont want to do anything.  Eating unhealthy – hardly active – laying in bed watching TV Shows.  Not the type of life I imaged for myself.  The goal is be out by February.


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