Design Symphony Interview!

So I called Joey and left him a voicemail saying that I had something I wanted to discuss with him.

He called me back while I was at AJS but I hid in the bathroom and called him back. (Sorry AJS, but this is my FUTURE we’re talking about.)

I tell him I’m moving to DC in Mid-October.  He sounds ECSTATIC and he asks me if I found a job and what is going on.  Then I did something that still hasn’t registered.  I told him, “I’m moving to D.C. and you’re going to hire me.  I know you said you like to do a three month trial and I have enough to manage for that duration.  I also know that if things don’t work out I’ll be okay because I’ve always found a way to make things work.”

The feedback was REMARKABLE!  He told me he wouldn’t be back in town till the beginning of November and we could meet up then. (EEK!! :-D)

I postponed my last day at AJS and help them out and found 2 replacements for me.


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