I never really understood this.  I didn’t like the idea of going to an event to talk to people about what they do and see if you could use them or if they can benefit you some how.  Seems like legalized prostitution, no?

Well I recently learned it doesn’t have to work like that.

I mentioned to one of my friends that I want to move to Washington D.C. (why not, seems so exciting and you always see parts of it in action movies!)  Well it just so happens she has a friend who works in D.C. and put us in contact.  (for other reasons, but that’s not important)

Just so happens that he also knows of a successful Marketing Company in D.C. and so I ask if he would mind connecting us.  Mind you, I wouldn’t tell him to refer me since we hardly know each other and I firmly believe that your word is all you have (some times).

Anyways, the company – Design Symphony and the Founder – Joey Coleman.  Of course I do my research and check out the website.  Freaking amazing, the website isn’t the best, but it works and this guy has clearly been busy.  He has government type clients, non-profits, small business, fortune 500.  How FUN!  Variety, enough of the business side with a great balance of the arts.

Time to write up that e-mail.  “Dear Mr. Coleman:”  Just like college taught me.


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