Career Builder and Monster

Who came up with this crap?  Seriously?

I can’t believe people send the SAME cover letter and resume to EVERY position they apply for.

My technique:

  1. Find jobs I’m interested and leave them open in tabs.
  2. Do something that is a bit slackerish.
  3. Research the companies to find out what they are about.
  4. Eat.
  5. Write up a rough cover letter for each position.
  6. Engage in some sort of socializing (phone, facebook, instant messaging)
  7. Review letters and make edits.
  8. Create “drafts” in my yahoo account.
  9. Do whatever I want.
  10. Go to bed.
  11. Wake up in the AM (before 9am) and send out all the e-mails before my run.

People thought I was nuts but there was no way I could just apply to those jobs with out putting some thought into it.  Anyhow, we’ll see what happens.  I’ve had a few jobs contact me – but I’m a bit skeptical.  Just wait it out some.

(London plans fell through, moving out of Atlanta is more of a priority.)


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